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November 2005
At the 32nd FIDA (International Federation of Women Lawyers) International Convention in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Dr. Tan had the occasion to speak on the 'The Role of Women Lawyers in Promoting, Upholding and Protecting the Rights of Women'. In her address to this congregation of lawyers and judges from many parts of the world, she revisited the need to use human rights treaties, conventions and other international agreements and declarations persistently as advocacy tools to advocate for the human rights of women and girls. More>>> 

October 2005
Dr. Tan was among four main speakers at a one-day seminar organised by the National Council of Netherlands in The Hague on 24th October 2005 to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee. In her capacity as ICW-CIF President, she spoke on 'The Role of Women NGOs in the International Arena'.  The other two speakers were two local ministers and a delegate from the European Union. More>>> 

September 2005
In her capacity as ICW-CIF President, Dr. Tan spoke at the 25th anniversary celebration of Project Five-O on 3rd September 2005 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She addressed the importance of CEDAW in expediting gender equality in the world and in eliminating social and cultural discrimination against women and girls. 

Dr. Tan delivered a speech at the Global Entrepolis @ Singapore 2005's International Brand Summit, 'Famous Lady and Outstanding Brand' Workshop, on 27th September 2005, at Suntec Convention Centre. It was entitled, 'Gender Equality at the Workplace: A Profitable Brand'.

August 2005
Dr. Tan attended the 4-day Beijing +10 Conference in Beijing. The Beijing +10 Declaration: Solidarity for Gender Equality, Development and Peace was adopted. During this period, she was interviewed by CCTV fot their programme 'Women Hold Up Half the Sky', and by Xin Hua New Agency. This helped to give more exposure to ICW, as well as CEDAW and the impact it can have on the status of women. 

July 2005
Dr. Tan attended the 6th session of the Working Group on Communications under  the Optional Protocol from 30th June - 2nd July 2005, and subsequently, the 33rd session of the CEDAW Committee in New York, USA from 5th - 22rd July 2005.

June 2005
Dr. Tan was a panelist on the topics "Organization as a Leader" and "CEDAW" at the International Jubilee Congress of the Business and Professional Women's International's (BPW.I) 75th Anniversary at Luzern, Switzerland, 17th - 20th June 2005.

May 2005
Dr. Tan attended the World Health Organization (WHO) Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland, 16th - 25th May 2005.  She also attended a briefing of WHO Gender, Women, and Health Department.

March 2005
Dr Tan spoke at the ICW Executive Council Meeting in Rabat, Morocco, 31th  March to 3rd April 2005.  More>>

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