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Commonwealth Meeting

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Conferences & Workshops Attended

"The pursuit of knowledge is a life-long vocation. Contributing and participating in conferences and workshops are ways my mind is enriched. Continuous teaching and learning enable me to understand issues from different perspectives and help me to realise different ways things can be done."

Appointed as Special Advisor to the ASEAN Confederation of Women's Organisations (ACWO)

2002 - 2003
Appointed as Assistant Treasurer for Pan Pacific South East Asia Women's Association (PPSEAWA) Conference 2003 in Perth, Australia.

6th APEC AGGI & 2nd Preparatory Committee Meeting for 2nd APEC Conference on Women in Mexico.

5th ICW Board Meeting & Executive Meeting in Santo Domingo.

ACWO 10th General Assembly & Conference - "Globalisation - Economic, Social & Political Empowerment" as ACWO President and Chair of Organising Committee of SCWO in Singapore.

APEC 7th Women Leaders Network Meeting and Focal Point Meeting in Acapulco, Mexico.

6th ICW Board Meeting in Paris, France.

1st ASEAN Committee on Women Meeting as ACWO representative to deliver ACWO report in Luang Prabang, Laos.

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