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The Need for Change

Making a Difference


Making a Difference

While education and equality are fundamental to banishing discrimination, poverty, violence and disease, Dr Tan also feels that governments have a role to play in helping to improve circumstances of hardship in their countries. "For example, with AIDS, we need to encourage governments multinational corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and the community to work together to find alternative ways to solve the problem" she says. "There are retroviral drugs available that can help control and stave off the disease, but the MNCs and governments must be willing to commit to spending money on these solutions."

Confronting those issues will be no easy task, and neither does Dr Tan expect it to be. Despite the hard work involved in attempting to pave the way for such change, Dr Tan remains committed. "If I can make life for anybody just that little bit better; if I can help someone gain some understanding of the law and how their situation can be improved, then I have taken one precious step - no matter how small - to make a difference."

This is where her legal training and experiences as women's rights activist prove invaluable. To help make that difference, Dr Tan says seeking the truth is of utmost importance. "It won't be easy," she admits. "I intend to combine my life's experiences and equitable principles with the factual matrix of each case to help make the necessary changes."

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