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Dr. Anamah Tan at Commonwealth Meeting

Highlights of articles / interviews on Dr Tan :

28 December 2003, The Sunday Times

Who says I hate men?

The Sunday Times carried an interview by Mr Wong Kim Hoh of Dr Tan on 28 December 2003. Dr Tan talked about current issues in Singapore and overseas from her point of view as a female activist. Dr Tan also talked about other issues, including her views concerning pre-nuptial agreements, polygamy, her love for cooking, and how she balanced between her career as a family lawyer and her family committments. Dr Tan listed 3 things that a man could do to make the world a better place for women, which are, (1) treating a woman with respect, (2) helping out with the housework and children and (3) listening to what women have to say.

30 September 2003, The Straits Times

S'pore lawyer chosen to lead global women's group 

The Straits Times, Singapore's morning daily, reported on 30 September 2003 that Dr Anamah Tan was the first Singaporean to head the International Council of Women, the world's oldest international women's organisation. Dr Tan's lobbying for the acquittal of 32-year-old Nigerian Amina Lawal was mentioned. Ms Amina was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery but was subsequently freed. As President, Dr Tan will continue to focus on women in developing nations, especially efforts to eradicate poverty, provide clean water and stem trafficking of women. Her term will run from 2003 to 2006.

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