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Exemplary Mother of the Year 2002 Award Ceremony

Career Highlights

International Council of Women (ICW)

Chair of Asian Regional Council of ICW (ARC-ICW). Was tasked in 2001 to organise the Asian Regional Council of ICW. The Council is now in its formative years and aims to achieve a strong influence in Asia in the improvement of health, education, poverty eradication and developmental issues.

APEC Women Leaders Network (WLN)
Focal Point for Singapore
- Through the Gender Focal point Network, views and opinions were contributed to APEC Leaders.
- The APEC Advisory Group on Gender Integration (AGGI) provided, among other things, training sessions on Gender at the APEC fora. Gender focal points have since been integrated into the APEC system.

National Council of Social Service (NCSS), Singapore
Since 1992
Served on the Board in various capacities and became NCSS' first elected woman Vice President in 2000.

Singapore Association of Women's Lawyers (SAWL)
Since 1974
Founder and Executive Committee Member
- Committed to the spread of legal literacy for the community, in particular for women in factories, and the under-privileged in Singapore.
- Involved in the publication of books and materials for the layperson aimed at practical daily life application.

National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC)
Since 1992
Acted as Board Member and Chair for various committees.

Since 1998
Chair for the Security for Senior Citizens Committee. Responsible for the dissemination of security messages to Singapore's senior citizens. Also responsible for the conceptualisation and implementation of the Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens programme. This programme trains retirees and grassroots leaders to become Crime Prevention Ambassadors; it also educates senior citizens on better security.

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