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Dr. Anamah Tan at Commonwealth Meeting

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International & Regional Leadership Experience

NGO Member of the Government Delegation to attend the UN Beijing Plus 5 Meeting in New York.

Appointed as Member of Organising Committee of the ASEAN Law Association.

UN Committee on CEDAW Meeting as member of Singapore team lead by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon in New York, USA.

Member of Government Delegation to the High Level Inter-Governmental Meeting to Review the Regional Implementation of Beijing Declaration & The Platform for Action in Bangkok, Thailand.

Invited by the Commonwealth Secretariat to be 1 of the 10 Observers to observe the National General Election of the Mozambicans, South Africa.

Appointed as Commonwealth Observer - Presidential & National Parliamentary Elections of Mozambique at the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Appointed as Chair of Hospitality Committee of the ASEAN Law Association.

Chair of International Relations in the Law Society of Singapore and bidding for the IBA Convention to be held in Singapore in 2004

1997 - to date
Appointed as Committee Member of the ASEAN Law Association.

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