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Dr. Anamah Tan

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For Dr Anamah Tan, serving the community is a passion. Since the 1970s, the affable 62-year-old has worked tirelessly as a women's rights activist and advocate for gender issues, particularly domestic violence and poverty eradication. Born and educated in Singapore, Dr Tan learned first-hand the importance of helping the less fortunate as a young student volunteer who trudged dirt roads riddled with pig dung to help poor villagers.

Today a renowned lawyer with 40 years of experience, Dr Tan possesses the perfect mix of pragmatism and professionalism which has enabled her to forge close working relationships with both government officials and fellow activists, often serving as a bridge between the two.

Throughout her career, Dr Tan has served in myriad leading capacities in major women's councils and organisations and on ministerial committees on community and family projects. She is currently the Immediate Past President and Adviser to the ASEAN Confederation of Women's Organisations (ACWO) and was recently elected President of the International Council of Women (ICW), a century-old world body headquartered in Paris. Her three-year term extends till 2006.

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